Chata Sněženka - tip for trips

Janské Lázně - Spa

  • The ancient spa town at the foot of the Black Mountains. Janské spa is focused mainly on musculoskeletal diseases, but not only spa resort. Is the center of sports and recreation.

Fortress Stachelberg

  • It is a large area of strength in 1938. Stachelberg is one of the largest bunkers in the country.

Adršpašsko - Teplice Rocks

  • Adršpašské rocks with its picturesque already happened in the past with světoznámými.Společně Teplice Rocks are the most important sandstone plateau of Police Basin in Broumovské Highlands. Both are rock city its size, the largest nature reserve in the country.

Production of Christmas ornaments in Poniklé

  • Family firm Rautis continues the traditional hand making Christmas ornaments of glass beads. Decorate your trying to make yourself.

Miniature Park of Lower Silesia

  • In Kowary, in the area of ​​the original factory carpet with a miniature park project .. you closer to the architectural monuments of the area. Guide you within the hour approached past, present and future of exposed objects.

Polish fishmonger

  • On the way from Kowary to Karpacz visit Rybárně Fliper. You will always perfectly prepared fish.


  • Karpacz The village is a typical mountain village, offers many attractions. One of the biggest attractions is the Church of Wang. The church was built at the turn of the 12th - 13th century. in southern Norway in the village Vang.Ostelík is moved to Karpacz in 1841.

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